Poll finds more than 8 in 10 back online gambling limits

Our outdated gambling laws mean there are currently no regulations on the amount someone can deposit into an online gambling account, nor any legal limits on stakes. However, new figures produced by Survation and referenced in the Sunday People found:

  • 83% back a limit on the amount consumers can deposit into an online gambling account - compared to just 3% who oppose deposit controls
  • 84% think there should be limits on how much can be staked on a single bet online - compared to just 4% who oppose controls on stakes

There is overwhelming public support for sensible online gambling limits. These results sends a message to government that its promised review into our gambling laws should include controls on stakes and the amount people can deposit.

Carolyn Harris, who chairs the Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group, said in response to Survation’s findings:

“Following our year-long inquiry into the harm caused by online gambling I have been calling for stake limits online and for a £2 stake limit. There is clear public support for stake limits and there is also a strong political consensus from all political parties that there should be far greater restrictions for online gambling. Time and again we see the industry taking advantage of people and not being true to their word. The online gambling industry resists change at every turn and unfortunately the government and regulator now need to urgently intervene. It is time for the government to bring forward the gambling legislation they have promised us."

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